Meet Coralie

Based in the beautiful county of Cumbria in the north of England, Coralie lives with her husband, two sons and two cats. When not busy looking after her two energetic boys, Coralie works part-time in an office job. She fits in drawing when she can, mostly on an evening after the kids have gone to bed.

Coralie enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress content  for her Instagram page and in her Newsletter. She also creates relaxed educational videos for her YouTube channel and will soon be adding new posts to her blog on the Journal page.

A Journey Begins

Since her first commission in 2007 Coralie has been drawing portraits of people’s beloved pets all in her spare-time. Throughout her time travelling to and living in Canada, studying for a diploma then a degree in equine business management, embarking on the world of work and most recently starting a family, Coralie has made time for her portrait work. In 2017 she started taking her work more seriously, with the encouragement of others, and began viewing it as a business. In 2020 she included people portraits for the first time as she introduced baby and child portraits.

Creating Balance

Over the last few years Coralie has gained a lot knowledge and experience of business through, mostly, trial and error, but also with online resources and communities shared by other creative individuals. The journey toward full-time or even part-time artist is a long one; the day that she achieves a regular and reliable income from her artwork will always be Coralie’s ultimate destination. For now, though, she feels the next phase of her art journey should be to improve her skill, study her craft and gain more knowledge of portrait drawing that will ultimately take her work to the next level.

Watch This Space

Therefore, Coralie is pausing commissions as the precious and limited spare-time that she can currently dedicate to her artwork cannot support both commissions and the self-improvement mentioned above. It will also mean that she can make room for original artwork that can be produced as greetings cards, prints and as original pieces for sale. Coralie is very excited for this next part of her journey, and if you want to follow along consider subscribing to the Newsletter, YouTube channel and following on Instagram.

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