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Below is a selection of Coralie’s portrait commissions with a little story from the artist about some of the pieces.

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“Completed at the end of February 2022, Toby was a Springer Spaniel who I actually had the pleasure of meeting and photographing for his portrait. He was a young dog, with lots of energy, so capturing him in a still moment to get a clear picture was tricky!

In the end, after sharing photos between myself and his owner, we settled on a combination of two photos – one to get his face and expression and the other to get the right body position.

I then spent a total of 24 hours over the course of around 3 to 4 weeks drawing his portrait. I used graphite pencils on A3 heavyweight paper.

The owner was very pleased with the result and she gave it as a gift to her husband. She sent a photo of the framed piece and said it was a perfect addition to her home.” – Coralie

Cat Quartet

“Arthur, Albert, Katie and Tina make up this lovely little quartet of cat portraits completed at the end of November 2021. It was a Christmas present between best friends and was a particularly special momento as the tabby cat in the bottom right had sadly passed away just a few weeks before the commission was completed.

These four felines took about a month to be completed and was drawn on A3 heavyweight paper in graphite pencil.” – Coralie


“This portrait was another one completed in time for Christmas 2021. I cannot share details the name or reference photo for anonymity reasons (I will always ask for approval before sharing portraits, photos or names), but it is a special portrait in my portfolio as it was the first A4 child portrait I had ever drawn. Previously, I focused on A5 line drawing style portraits because a) I liked the minimalist style and b) I was new to drawing people and din’t have the confidence to create more detailed pieces.

This portrait marked a turning point where I found myself adding a little more shading and a few more details than I had done before. Practice makes perfect and this portrait is, for me, very much proof of that. I still have a long way to go – indeed I will never stop growing and developing my drawing skills – but it is good to see a noticeable advancement in your practice and take a moment to acknowledge it.” – Coralie

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